Shazam has now become better as a new feature, introduced in the latest Android version, lets users identify music with headphones on. This feature is currently available for Android devices with the latest update of the app.

Shazam works automatically with headphones plugged in; there’s no feature to toggle on/off. Shazam also introduced ‘Pop-Up Shazam’ which basically lets the app float on other apps making it easier to use it. This feature can be enabled from the Settings menu and granted permission for Shazam to work over other apps.

Once Pop-Up Shazam is turned on, the app’s icon will float around other apps like Facebook Messenger. In addition to recognizing songs, Pop-Up Shazam also displays synced lyrics so one can sing along. So far, this feature works on apps like Instagram and Facebook.

It’s interesting how this feature isn’t available for iOS users as yet since Apple bought the company back in 2018.

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