HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s legislature put off a debate on a bill that would allow extraditions to mainland China after thousands of demonstrators dressed in black swarmed the area surrounding the central government complex on Wednesday.

As demonstrators used police barriers, street signs and trash barrels to block off Harcourt Road, the government said that the session would be “changed to a later time to be determined” by the head of the Legislative Council, which is controlled by a pro-Beijing majority.

The rally came three days after as many as 1 million people took to the streets.

Protesters had mixed reactions to news of the postponement, but remained steadfast to their cause ― standing under umbrellas and continuing to block potential traffic.

“I would describe it as a small victory,” said Ramon Yuen, a member of a local district council representing the Democratic Party.

“There are many possibilities … but we want the government to withdraw the amendment,” Yuen said. “No decision has been made to do that, and we do not see any good gestures that they will listen to Hong Kong people’s voices.”

Cyrus Lee, 28, who was taking part in the demonstrations, echoed Yuen’s sentiment, telling NBC News he “can’t tell if it is a good sign or not because you don’t know what they will do next.”

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